Working Parties

There is sometimes a misconception that it is the local Council who cares for Whitcliffe Common but it is The Volunteer Working Party that puts in many hours of their own time looking after this wonderful area.

There is a split task to keep The Common in such a condition to make it attractive for  the local population and visitors to walk round, but also to manage it in such a way as to allow all the wildlife and plant life to flourish in its natural habitat, without being too disturbed by “humans”.

We have a management policy  with Shropshire Wildlife, but the actual work is mainly  carried out by the volunteers.Of course when needed, we call in the skills of a professional tree surgeon.

Annual haymaking is undertaken  by a local farmer with  grass and path cutting, as required,  by an outside contractor.

Recent clearance on the Breadwalk

Our main tasks

keeping the various paths clear of brambles and nettles and overhanging tree branches.

maintaining the various “view points” around The Common which give the attractive outlook on the Town, Clee Hill and surrounding countryside.

Top of Pack Horse path cleared, opening view to Ludlow Castle

Strimming  round the seats that are situated in various locations on The Common.

Sadly, litter picking!

Remedial work recommended following tree inspection along roads and footpaths regularly undertaken professionally.

Occasionally, following heavy storms and winds, making safe or removing fallen trees.

Many  of the volunteers have attended courses on the use of various power tools that we use.

Enjoy caring for this wonderful common is gained,  even though it is quite hard physical work
Regular work parties  are organised  depending on weather conditions and availability of volunteers.

If you would like to join the Volunteer Work Party and feel that you could offer a few hours of your time we would be pleased to hear from you.

Contact Rick Summers (Work Party Co-ordinator ) 01584 874462