Below are some links to other local organisations and some of the Common’s Supporters

Whitcliffe wood—making new from old
A supporter of Whitcliffe and  an amateur wood turner has given the Friends of Whitcliffe Common a new source of income.
The variety of items he makes depends very much on the wood available – no wood is purchased.
They are made with Whitcliffe wood from branches and trees removed through coppicing, disease, weather and for public safety. (The common’s trees are inspected annually by an expert).
Our valued supporter says, “I love my hobby. It is rewarding to be able to give new life to timber which appears to have reached the end of its life – and at the same time help the Friends who do such a magnificent job for Whitcliffe”
It is a great skill to be able to see what can be made from off-cuts at the same time showing the natural wood markings. Each piece has a sticker showing the wood used.
Items are available only at Ludlow TIC, F.OWC. events or through Daphne Jones (Tel. 01584 874773).