Improved walks

A £6500 programme to restore three popular paths on Whitcliffe Common has been agreed by the charity which cares for this beauty spot and its leaseholders Shropshire Widlife Trust.
Friends of Whitcliffe Common have appealed to walkers to be patient while this essential work is carried out.
Chair Daphne Jones said, “We have become increasingly concerned at the deterioration in these paths despite the excellent maintenance efforts of our volunteer workforce. So, it has been decided that the time has come for major restoration work.”
Expert professional advice has been obtained, together with detailed plans of the work, from Colin Richards, former county conservation officer, whose company will carry out the work.
The recent grant won by public support from Tesco will provide the money for one part of the work, while the funds for the other two will come from FOWC.
The Tesco grant will pay for the scheme on the Donkey Steps path where water erosion has caused major problems. Here it has been decided that a stretch of raised walkway with a handrail be built, in line with such designs used on SWT, English Heritage and National Trust sites.
A smaller drainage scheme will be carried out on the path just above this area.
The third scheme involves an area of path linking the walk from the top of the quarry cliff to the walk to the open space on the top of the common.
It involves a 50metre stretch which has become so worn and affected by water erosion that it is at risk of falling away. Here repairs will be carried out involving sleepers, a membrane and some 40 tons of stone for drainage and path reinforcement.
Mrs Jones said, “Obviously, the work will involve some disruption for walkers so we would appeal to them for patience. At the end of the work they will have better and safer paths to walk.”
Work, depending on favourable weather conditions to lessen damage caused by taking the necessary supplies to each site, is expected to be carried out in May