Our Aims




Aims and objectives for the management and maintenance of Whitcliffe Common when a 10 year plan was agreed, in 1998, with the Earl of Plymouth Estates.  Financial support, for the plan, was given, by the Estate.

  1. Work to provide an attractive, safe place to visit, walk and enjoy. This to include tree surgery keeping trees safe

silviculture to allow trees to flourish

maintenance of paths and steps to keep them in a good condition

grassland management to improve wildflower growth


  1. Open up and maintain the lost views overlooking Ludlow giving, not only a vision of the town, but also the background of the Shropshire Hills.
  2. Provide information for the interest of residents and visitors.
  3. Keep an awareness of the geological importance of the site.
  4. Regularly revisit management plans as these can and possibly will change depending on unexpected work and money available.
  5. Look at the seats placed on Whitcliffe and encourage interest.
  6. Widen the base of support and interest in Whitcliffe Common, encourage membership and subscriptions.
  7. Regularly assess achievements.

Always remember —- Whitcliffe is an area of countryside overlooking the town continually used by people. We need to balance natural walking areas with paths for the less able, keeping in mind views of the town, historic importance and wildlife habitat.