Press Release

Work planned for Whitcliffe by Friends of Whitcliffe Common

A programme of important improvement and restoration work is planned to start on Ludlow’s Whitcliffe Common in September.

The areas involved are the bottom of the Donkey Steps, the Breadwalk and the car park. The cost is expected to be over £3000.

The work was due to be carried out some time ago but had to be put on hold because of restrictions imposed during the Covid pandemic – and the difficulty in finding someone to do the work needed.

Everything was now in place, said Friends of Whitcliffe Common Chair Daphne Jones. A contractor who does a lot of work for Shropshire Council had been appointed.

“It was decided to start the work in September so that it lessened the impact and inconvenience for people who use Whitcliffe, both local and visitors,” said Mrs Jones.

Heavy rainfall over the past couple of years have added to the damage done by water to the walkway and existing path at the bottom of the Donkey Steps. This has added to the amount of work which needs to be done to keep the area useable and safe for walkers.

The existing boardwalk construction will be replaced with a full length raised stone path with drainage underneath. This will be the most expensive part of the work programme.

At the car park the repair programme will see the approach road surface levelled out using a digger and then topped out with a load of stone.