Senseless vandalism of theft?

Senseless vandalism or just plain theft? Whichever it is, it has been condemned by the voluntary group which cares for the Ludlow beauty spot of Whitcliffe Common.
Both have happened at the common in the past couple of weeks, actions which have angered the Friends of Whitcliffe Common.
Vandalism or theft have seen four slabs ripped up and taken from the popular picnic table area at Dinham. “It has happened in two separate incidents,” said chairman Daphne Jones. “It has seen two slabs taken each time so it is either someone intent on vandalism or on stealing slabs for themselves.
“Whichever it is we are very angry. We are only a very small charity which cares for the common. Like everyone else in this Coronavirus crisis our fund raising has come to a complete halt. And we rely on that fund raising to help us keep the common in top condition and safe for the public to use.
“It is very sad at any time but particularly now when the common has become an even more popular place for people to go for fresh air and exercise.”
Mrs Jones added that further vandalism had been done to “No Cycling” signs and posts on which they had been erected. “Cycling is not allowed on the common as it is dangerous to people who enjoy walking there.
“We can only appeal to members of the public who walk on Whitcliffe to be vigilant and report any unsocial behaviour to me.”
Her telephone number is 01584 874773.