Another year on Whitcliffe

Friends of Whitcliffe Common. End of year 2019/20 Report.

We work with Shropshire Wildlife Trust to keep Whitcliffe a safe and enjoyable environment for the public., while remembering it is a wildlife reserve.
This is of the utmost importance, being such a popular public place.
Now, in Covid19 lockdown, it is extremely popular for outdoor walking.

Money spent must be raised and this year, at present, our fundraising activities taken away!

During the past year approx. £12,000 has been spent (see year end accounts for details) while keeping £35.000 ring fenced for any emergency. This in agreement with Accountants, Whittingham Riddell and Charity Commission.

A large amount of this spent in 2 ways.
1. The wet and windy Winter weather brought down and split off too many branches over paths needing to be removed for safety reasons. A huge tree came down across the popular Breadwalk and into the river requiring the walk to be closed for a few days. The removal of this one tree needed 2 day’s work by a tree surgeon and workers.

2. The invasive major quick growing Himalayan Balsam weed which needed to be dealt with by professionals.

This year we have planted 20 trees on Whitcliffe – a mix of oak and hornbeam.

Volunteers have given 253 hours working on the Common.
Added to this, our Whitcliffe Ranger visits the Common twice a day.

Outside the general tidying of seats and paths, mending of seats and fences etc, the following is a continual problem — fly tipping in the car park ( this year including asbestos) and cyclists.
“No Cycling,” notices have now been installed on new strong posts BUT, already one of these broken off and retrieved from down the bank at the end of the Mortimer Trail path. Lockdown has, at present, prevented renewal and many cyclists are seen ignoring the request.
A new picnic table has been placed at Dinham. The old one taken by our Ludlow Town Council Representative, Graeme Perks, for use on other projects in town.

Our volunteer workers, generally, can be seen out working twice a month but more often when necessary.

We are always pleased to work with others.

Through the year we have co-operated with Severn Rivers Trust for the completion of the Mill St Weir fish pass.
Chair of Trustees met with Ludlow in Bloom judges and spoke with them about the fish pass and the Whitcliffe wildflower project.
Worked with Cllr. Andy Boddington for placement of a homeless person living on Whitcliffe.
Erected a soldier by the 1914/18 memorial seat, for short periods of time, around any celebration.
Worked with a keen student, as part of his studies, from Hereford College.
Supported the Wildlife Watch family group, gathering monthly on Whitcliffe at the Dinham picnic area.

We are grateful for the co-operation of others.

Graeme Perks has agreeably worked with us on a number of projects – a helpful asset for F.o.W.C.
Proff. Michael Rosenbaum gave us direction for the clearing of the rock faces, requested by the Geological Society.
Morris Bufton & Co, are extremely helpful keeping our machinery in good order, thanks go to them. Thanks also to Fishmore Hall Hotel and The Cliff Hotel for hosting our fundraising lunches and coffee mornings and the large number of local shops and people who supply us with goods for prizes.

Big thanks go to those who have become a “Friend.” Their annual donation, of no more than £15, is invaluable.

Daphne Jones —- Chair of Trustees.