Breadwalk reopens

5B17D42E-2335-46D1-8C65-DD85B91786FE 8FBBA1FD-DB39-483F-B3E2-ED847C21F28C AB7507E3-A6B8-41FE-A79A-5BF8ECC30994 B561C98A-4989-4D06-988D-B07E3DE248F1 10DFA9C0-A594-4799-BF51-2484CC6DF179 7AA05127-2230-45B0-8CFA-D5F116F15610The BreadWalk reopened today, five days after a 70 foot sycamore, it’s roots loosened by heavy rain, crashed down from the cliff above.
the work was carried out by tree surgeon Alan Jones and his crew who have removed most of the wood. The root ball, which is now stable, will remain on the cliff face for the time being.