Breadwalk to close for emergency work

Tree damage has left Ludlow’s Friends of Whitcliffe Common with a £3000 bill for safety work.
FOWC Chair Daphne Jones said, “It is the price we have to pay to keeping the public safe on our fabulous common.”
The volunteer group shares management of Whitcliffe with leaseholders Shropshire Wildlife Trust. The two have had to call in expert help to tackle the work needed on several dangerous trees.
It will force the closure of the Breadwalk in one case and traffic control on the Wigmore road over the common in the other while safety work is carried out.
Shrewsbury-based firm Ace Treecare, which has all the necessary equipment needed, will carry out the work. A number of FOWC’s volunteer work party will work under the supervision of Ace Treecare to help.
Work will cover four days from April 30.
The need for work on the roadside tree – which has been roped off for some days – is clear to see. Two massive branches have fallen and are wedged between the tree and a neighbouring one.
On the Breadwalk there are fears a fallen tree on the steep slope will slide down onto the popular walk. The plan is to winch it down and cut it up.
Mrs Jones added, “Even when these jobs are done our work on damaged trees is not finished. In his latest inspection SWT’s tree care expert has highlighted the need for action on five other trees on the roadside where branches have been damaged. This work will be undertaken in the near future.”
The winter, with its high winds and heavy rainfall, was to blame for the situation, said Mrs Jones. “The true cost of the care of Whitcliffe these days is around £20,000 a year so this extra cost is something FOWC and SWT could do without. But we exist to ensure the common remains beautiful – and safe. So the work has to be done.
“We owe a great debt to our volunteer workforce who work hundreds of hours a year free of charge and also to our loyal band of members who support us and our fund raising events. We would welcome more people to join us.”
If you wish to become a Friend of Whitcliffe Common please contact Mrs Jones on or visit to download the membership form.