Oak trees Friends of Whitcliffe press release

The one oak tree on Whitcliffe, agreed for removal by Shropshire Wildlife Trust, following public consultation and Shropshire Council Planning approval, has been taken down. From the top of the Common, overlooking the town, the view line has improved.
Full cost of this work has been met by two anonymous supporters. No FOWC funds will be spent.
Keeping the view lines has been a part of the management plan for Whitcliffe Common since 1998, when Friends of Whitcliffe Common became a charity and eight aims were put in place. It is included in the publicity leaflets.
The Trustees, for both Friends of Whitcliffe Common and Shropshire Wildlife Trust are very aware that taking down an immature, healthy oak tree is an emotive issue. They respect all the differing views and opinions, realise the decision will not please everyone and thank those giving support.
Following a Bill brought to Parliament in 1821, Whitcliffe has been cared for by volunteers. Previously the Whitcliffe Commoners Association undertook responsibility, now Friends of Whitcliffe Common continue this tradition.
During 2016, in excess of 1000 voluntary hours were spent keeping the Common a healthy, safe environment for everyone to enjoy, in their own way, the many facets of Whitcliffe, one of the jewels in Ludlow’s crown.

Press release from the Trustees of Friends of Whitcliffe Common