Gang cause damage to historic site

A small gang of children are thought to be responsible for causing damage to the Trenches area on the common.

The youngsters have been building a bike track which cuts across the Trenches, an area where troops attacking Ludlow Castle are believed to have dug themselves in.

“Bikes are banned from the common anyway but these youngsters have taken spades and saws to the common and begun construction of a big bike track, said chairman of FWOC Daphne Jones.

They have constructed ramps, cut down some fairly substantial trees and formed a track across the trenches. A fair amount of damage has already been caused and we have discovered tools hidden in the wood which indicates that they plan to do more work,” she said.

“We don’t want to be spoilsports. In fact we want to see youngsters using Whitcliffe but they need to understand that this is not the place for a bike track. Bikes are banned from the common so that walkers can safely use the many paths there and to preserve the habitat.

“I would appeal to any parent who realises that they have gardening tools and saws missing to have a quiet word with their children to ascertain if they may be responsible. I would also ask anyone witnessing children on bikes here to let one of the trustees know straight away so that we can speak to them.

“there are tracks further up into the forestry where bikes are welcomed and special trails have been made there for them, but they are banned on the common and notices on every path remind them of that,”she added.