McConnels lend a helping hand


If you thought you saw a remote controlled tracked vehicle on the edge of the common this week don’t worry, you weren’t seeing things! Ludlow’s biggest employer, McConnels has kindly agreed to give Whitcliffe’s hard-pressed volunteer workforce a helping hand by occasionally demonstrating some of its wide range of advanced machinery with a workout on parts of the common which we find hard to maintain.
One of the vehicles that will be demonstrated to potential buyers is its tracked Robocut flail mower. It will be used to keep at bay the ferns which keep encroaching on the common and also on some of the steep banks which we find hard to cut effectively by hand. It’s 1.3metre wide cut makes it ideal to cut and maintain a footpath and also to get into some of our small clearings. As well as doing demos, you can expect to see Whitcliffe as a backdrop to some of the firm’s future publicity pictures and videos. We very much hope that this will be an ongoing arrangement and our heartfelt thanks go to Christian Davies and Wayne Brown from McConnels for helping it to come about.